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Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS) is an easy and cost-effective solution to integrate into your infrastructure, regardless of your organization’s size. Our team will work with your specific needs to ensure your devices get connected, remotely monitored, and begin gathering the data that will drive the insights and analytics that can help take your loss prevention program to the next level. Sensormatic SMaaS has been designed to help you bridge the loss prevention strategies of yesterday with today’s data and digitally driven store.

Get Connected

Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service leverages your new or legacy systems and provides you with different connectivity options so you can choose what works best for your stores. You can integrate this new service and connect to the network with minimal disruption to your current operations. Our experts will work with your team to help create a deployment plan that makes sense for your organization, so you can begin enjoying the benefits Sensormatic SMaaS provides from the very start. Additionally, with Sensormatic SMaaS you won’t have to worry about buying, adding or extending licenses, as all services are cloud-based—offering you a flexible and scalable infrastructure.

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Remote monitoring & device management

Spending hours of the day checking to see whether your EAS equipment is on-line and functioning properly will be a thing of the past when you have Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service on your side. With 24/7 automatic, real-time, and proactive remote monitoring, you’ll have the peace of mind that your equipment is functioning properly, improving its uptime, and reducing nuisance alarms. If issues do come up, our Sensormatic SMaaS global, 24/7 “follow the sun” Remote Diagnostic Centers (located in Asia, Europe and North America), can offer quick response, resolution, and remediation—so you can move from a manual to an automated and transparent process that may also reduce on-site service calls. This alone can have an impact on your shrink performance as well as your sales, as you can free up associates’ time spent on issues and focus on improving the customers’ overall experience at your stores. Remotely managed services also include firmware and software updates.

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Insights and analytics

Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service makes sense of data with clear insights and analytics, so you can maintain a clearer picture of what’s important—and identify problems and take action early. Customized alerts help you get to the source of issues and receive notifications on an exception basis, pivoting your loss prevention program from a reactive status to a preventative and predictive approach. You’ll be able to better identify staffing deployment needs and training gaps, plus assign monetary value to loss events by having the right information at your fingertips in easy-to-use, customizable dashboards. Gain visibility into operational metrics such as alarm frequency, sources (jammer/metal foil), directionality, equipment uptime, and Organized Retail Crime activity, among others. Sensormatic SMaaS Shoplifting Insights help you make data-driven decisions that can help optimize staffing, reduce shrink and improve your sales performance overall.

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