Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service

Your stores are talking to you. It's time to listen.

Take a more proactive approach to retail loss by embracing the next generation of loss prevention technology: Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service. 

Sensormatic SMaaS is a new cloud-based solution that empowers Loss Prevention professionals to more strategically manage shrink with predictive analytics and shoplifting insights.

Customizable widgets

let you view data and compare performance metrics by district, region and enterprise

24/7/365 automatic and remote monitoring

and management of EAS ensures equipment health status

Minimized downtime

allows you to spend less time managing your equipment

Actionable insights

help you make effective data-driven decisions to improve bottom line and shrink results

exacqVideo integration provides

video device health monitoring and allows retailers to view video clips of incidents associated with EAS & ORC events

Email notifications

alert you when activity exceeds a particular threshold so you know when an exception has occurred

Highly scalable cloud infrastructure

and EAS event reporting are built for your growth

Flexible, scalable integration

lets you leverage legacy systems and choose what connections work best for your business

Deepen visibility into shrink-related activity

Sensormatic SMaaS consolidates all the information you need into convenient, user-friendly dashboards—so you can see the big picture and optimize store performance fast

Available dashboards include:

Alarm Overview
Alarm Rate by Traffic
Potential Shrink by Region
Store Status Page

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